What's New in Minitab Engage 6.1

Minitab Engage is the only solution designed to help your organization start, track, manage and share innovation and improvement initiatives in real-time from ideation to execution.

Quickly organize ideas for a big picture view

With this release of Engage, you now have the versatility and flexibility of mind maps. Mind maps radiate ideas from a central topic to promote the flow of ideas, creative thinking, and better comprehension of the topic. With Engage, you can quickly insert ideas directly on the map or in the brainstorm list, then drag, drop, and arrange these ideas to reveal connections you might not have noticed before. For more information, go to Mind map.

At-a-glance insight into initiatives

With this release, when you sign in to Engage, you'll immediately see the Workflow tab so you can easily see the impact of your organization's initiatives and quickly create new ideas. For more information, go to What is workflow?

Submit ideas anytime...anywhere

Now, anyone in your subscription can submit ideas in the web app without having the desktop app installed. With the new online idea form add-on, you can add idea submitters to your subscription so you can gather valuable ideas for improvement or innovation from everyone in your organization. Then, steering committee members can review ideas and funnel the best ones to project leaders to implement. For more information, go Create, submit, and view ideas.

Talk to Minitab about how to enable this optional add-on to your Engage subscription.

Access data through the API

Now, data architects can create API tokens so you can include Engage data in external business intelligence systems and applications for a consolidated view of your organization's status. For more information, go System settings.

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