Workflow is the automated process for collecting and vetting project ideas, turning the ideas into projects, and advancing projects through phase reviews and approvals.

Watch this video to learn more:

When workflow is on, ideas and projects flow through the following stages:

Ideas stage

  1. A user creates and submits a project idea.
  2. When a new idea is submitted, it is routed to the appropriate steering committee.
  3. Steering committees approve or reject ideas.

To learn more, go to Create, submit, and view ideas.

Hopper stage

  1. Any steering committee member can start a project.
  2. To start the project, the steering committee member selects a methodology and assigns users to the project review board according to user roles such as Sponsor, Process Owner, and Financial Analyst.
  3. When a steering committee member starts a project, the project owner is notified so they can begin to execute the project.

To learn more, go to Review ideas in the hopper.

Active stage

  1. The project owner executes the project and submits it to the project's review board for review after each phase.
  2. The review board is notified when a phase is ready for review.
  3. The project owner is notified when the phase is approved.

There is only one project owner and one review board per project. To learn more, go to Review active projects.

Completed stage

When the final phase is approved, the project automatically moves to the completed stage, where it remains until it is deleted.

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