Configure workflow settings

Workflow provides a standard process for collecting and vetting project ideas, turning the ideas into projects, and advancing projects through phase reviews and approvals.

Only data architects can configure workflow in the web app. As a data architect, you must create a sandbox to configure any of the following aspects of workflow.

  1. Edit methodologies and phases
  2. Create and select the idea form
  3. Create steering committees
  4. Set required fields
  5. Edit the hopper chart
  6. Customize the Workflow page
  7. Link workflow data

Workflow is a standard feature, which is on by default. However, you can turn it off in the sandbox. Also, you can set up email notifications to alert users of events related to tasks and workflow. For more information, go to Edit notifications.


To efficiently test new workflow configuration settings, create a new methodology that has only one phase and one review board member. Then, you can assign yourself as the reviewer and advance projects through a single project phase to see how your changes affect the subscription.

Watch a video

Watch a video to learn more about workflow.