In the sandbox, you can configure the hopper chart to display as a bubble plot, a scatterplot, or a bar chart, depending on the number of variables you want a steering committee to consider when evaluating project ideas.

When editing the hopper chart, it is a good idea to choose variables that are on your company's idea form. To edit an idea form, go to Create and select the idea form.

For a preview of the graph and to make graph editing easier, create a few test ideas in the sandbox workflow before you edit the hopper chart. Any ideas or projects you create in the sandbox will not go live when you publish the sandbox.
  1. In the web app, select Design. If a sandbox is not available, then create one.
  2. In the sandbox, select Workflow.
  3. Under Hopper, select Edit hopper chart.
  4. Choose one of the following charts to display in the hopper.
    Bubble Plot
    Evaluate project ideas based on three variables. For example, you can use a bubble plot to compare ideas based on the effort, risk of failure, and benefit.
    Evaluate project ideas based on two variables. For example, you can use a scatterplot to compare ideas based on the effort and risk of failure.
    Bar Chart
    Evaluate project ideas based on one variable. For example, you can use a bar chart to plot a project's risk of failure.
  5. Choose the variables to display on the chart.
  6. Choose a grouping variable to categorize the variables using a list field. For example, you might want to group variables by Department (Design Engineering, Marketing, and Sales) or by Belt Level (Green Belt, Black Belt, Master Black Belt).
  7. Set reference lines on the x and y axes to designate the quadrants of the bubble plot or the scatterplot. On a bar chart, set a single reference line on the x-axis to designate a goal or a limit.
  8. Select Save.
  9. When you finish your changes in the sandbox and you are satisfied with how they will be applied in the live site, select Publish Changes.