Edit methodologies and phases

As a data architect, you associate workflow methodologies with the project templates your company uses. Additionally, you associate the phases in the methodology with the phases in your project template, choose the user roles responsible for reviewing each phase, and specify the fields required to advance to the next phase.

A methodology usually has a set of phases, for example, DMAIC, CDOV, PDCA, that a project must pass through before it is completed. Each phase must be approved before the project can move to the next phase. In Engage, each methodology has an associated project template. Ideally, the phases in the project template correspond to the set of phases in the methodology.

  1. In the web app, select Design. If a sandbox is not available, then create one.
  2. In the sandbox, select Workflow.
  3. Under Methodologies & Phases, you can create a new methodology or exist an existing one.
    • To create a new methodology, select New Methodology.

      Before you create a new methodology, be sure to create a corresponding project template so you can associate it with the new methodology.

    • To edit an existing methodology, select the edit button next to the methodology to edit.
  4. Under Methodology, edit the name of the methodology or select a different project template.
  5. Under Phases, select a phase and do any of the following tasks.
    • To rename a phase, select the phase and enter a new name in Phase Name.
    • To copy a phase, select the phase, select the Copy icon, then enter a name.
    • To remove a phase, select the phase, then select the Delete icon.
    • To move a phase, select the phase's gripper icon and drag the phase to its new location.
    • To add a new phase, select Add New Phase, then enter a name.
  6. While a phase is selected, under Reviewers, assign the roles required to review the selected phase. You can select as many roles as you want for each phase. Each phase can have a different set of reviewers, but you must specify at least one reviewer for each phase.
  7. Under Required Fields, you can specify data fields that users must complete before the project can be submitted for phase review. You can select as many required fields as you want for each phase. Each phase can have a different set of required fields.

    When adding fields to the forms in your project template, be sure to indicate (by color or symbol) which fields are required so users know to complete them.

  8. Select Save.
  9. When you are done making changes in the sandbox and you are satisfied with how they will be applied in the live site, select Publish Changes.