Overview of the SPC Tool

Use the control charts and capability analyses in the Minitab Connect SPC Tool to monitor your processes.
A control chart indicates when your process is out of control and helps you identify the presence of special-cause variation. When special-cause variation is present, your process is not stable and corrective action is necessary. Use control charts to do the following:
  • Demonstrate whether your process is stable and consistent over time. A stable process is one that includes only common-cause variation and does not have any out-of-control points.
  • Verify that your process is stable before you perform a capability analysis. A capability analysis is only valid when performed on a stable process.
  • Assess the effectiveness of a process change. With control charts, it is easy to compare shifts in the process mean and changes in the process variation.
  • Communicate the performance of your process during a specific period of time.
You can use a capability analysis to determine whether a process is capable of producing output that meets customer requirements when the process is in statistical control. You can use a capability analysis to answer questions such as:
  • Is the variability of a process low enough to consistently provide parts that fall within the specification limits?
  • Is the proportion of defectives consistently less than 5% during a month?
  • Is a temperature curing process capable across multiple batches of the product?
  • Does a process need to be shifted to operate within the specification limits?

Other Minitab Connect tools

Each tool in Minitab Connect performs a specific job, but all the tools seamlessly work together to allow for quick and flexible access to your data and analyses. Often, you may need to switch between a few tools to complete a task. Here are the other tools that you can explore.
  • Use the Base Tool to add or modify a data table.
  • Use the Flow Tool to automate the movement of data between the platform and external sources. You can also create data processes to clean the data before loading into the table.
  • Use the Prep Tool to prepare and organize your data for analysis.
  • Use the Visualize Tool to create graphs.
  • Use the Audit Tool to see the details of your data table.