Find detailed guidance to use Minitab Connect tools and features. With Minitab Connect, you can create and automate data reports as well as set up instant alerts to communicate changes in your data.

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Interface, Access, and Permissions
Includes information about the Minitab Connect user interface and the Minitab Connect API. Learn to customize the interface, add new users, update passwords, and access various permission settings.
Connect Workflow Tools
Includes information about the Base Tool, Flow Tool, Prep Tool, Visualize Tool, SPC Tool, and Audit Tool.
Using Tables and Forms
Includes information about adding new tables, modifying existing tables, adding custom data collection forms, and setting table notifications.
Data Imports, Exports, and Connections
Includes information about bringing data into Connect one time or scheduled for automatic data retrieval. Also includes information on ways for you to export your prepped data to other applications, such as Minitab® Statistical Software.
Includes information about creating and sharing your custom dashboard with anyone inside or outside of your organization.
Step-by-Step Examples
Walk through an example of some of the most common features and tasks in Minitab Connect.

Download the entire Getting Started with Minitab Connect® guide and more from Documentation.