Overview of the Flow Tool

Use the Minitab Connect Flow Tool to create data flows across the platform.

Data flow in and out automatically or manually through the connections that you set up. With the Flow Tool you can eliminate manual data clean-up tasks and automate the movement of data between different sources and platforms. Minitab Connect includes hundreds of pre-built connectors and integrations, or you can create your own.

The Flow Tool includes helpful functionality to do the following:
  • Change a manual data connection to a scheduled event
  • Run a process to clean up data after it is imported from a connector
  • Set up an automated export of a table or a saved view
  • Run a process to remove duplicate values from a table

Connect disables flows due to 5 successive failures and alerts the owner of the flow. To reactivate a disabled flow, correct the errors and manually run the flow.

Other Minitab Connect tools

Each tool in Minitab Connect performs a specific job, but all the tools seamlessly work together to allow for quick and flexible access to your data and analyses. Often, you may need to switch between a few tools to complete a task. Here are the other tools that you can explore.
  • Use the Base Tool to add or modify a data table.
  • Use the Prep Tool to prepare and organize your data for analysis.
  • Use the Visualize Tool to create graphs.
  • Use the SPC Tool to monitor your processes.
  • Use the Audit Tool to see the details of your data table.