Overview of the Base Tool

Use the Minitab Connect Base Tool to store the data that flows in and out of the platform in a centralized data warehouse. In the Base Tool, you can access all your integrated data resources and manage your data resources without risking data quality, integrity, or security.
The Base Tool includes helpful functionality to do the following:
  • Create a new table by importing data from a file, such as XLSX or CSV
  • Set up a connection to import data and set up an automatic update
  • Change the settings for an existing data field
  • Add additional data fields to an existing table
  • Create a new field using custom SQL
  • Use a mashup table to combine data from multiple tables
  • Run SQL to pull data from an existing table

The limit for any data field is 500,000 rows.

Other Minitab Connect tools

Each tool in Minitab Connect performs a specific job, but all the tools seamlessly work together to allow for quick and flexible access to your data and analyses. Often, you may need to switch between a few tools to complete a task. Here are the other tools that you can explore:
  • Use the Flow Tool to automate the movement of data between the platform and external sources. You can also create data processes to clean the data before loading into the table.
  • Use the Prep Tool to prepare and organize your data for analysis.
  • Use the Visualize Tool to create graphs.
  • Use the SPC Tool to monitor your processes.
  • Use the Audit Tool to see the details of your data table.