Overview of the Visualize Tool

Use the Minitab Connect Visualize Tool to create graphs of your data.

Minitab Connect provides a flexible suite of graphs to support a variety of analysis needs. Many customization options are available when you create a graph.

The Visualize Tool has helpful functionality to do the following:
  • Create a US map that shows the number of purchased mortgages for each state
  • Create a line chart to compare the number of sales between multiple regions
  • Create a bar chart to compare the number of downloads before and after a marketing campaign
  • Create a scatterplot to examine the relationship between two continuous variables

Other Minitab Connect tools

Each tool in Minitab Connect performs a specific job, but all the tools seamlessly work together to allow for quick and flexible access to your data and analyses. Often, you may need to switch between a few tools to complete a task. Here are the other tools that you can explore.
  • Use the Base Tool to add or modify a data table.
  • Use the Flow Tool to automate the movement of data between the platform and external sources. You can also create data processes to clean the data before loading into the table.
  • Use the Prep Tool to prepare and organize your data for analysis.
  • Use the SPC Tool to monitor your processes.
  • Use the Audit Tool to see the details of your data table.