Portals and navigation

Real-Time SPC is organized into three main portals.

Your access within the application depends on your role in the application. For more information, go to User roles and permissions.

Use the button at the top right of the window to easily switch between the portals and to access Minitab Connect, depending on your permission settings.
Administration portal
The Administration portal contains user settings as well as settings for tags, data management, and hierarchy groups to use across the platform.

You cannot add products, processes, or stations until hierarchy groups are committed. Once committed, they cannot be changed. For more information, go to Hierarchy groups.

Engineering portal
The Engineering portal contains many settings that must be specified to create the control charts, capability analyses, and dashboards for your processes.

To set up processes, products, and stations, go to Process, product, and station components.

To learn about the settings for the available analyses, go to Control chart preferences, Capability analysis preferences, or Quality tool preferences.

To learn about report and dashboard settings, go to Available reports and dashboards.

Operations portal
The Operations portal gives access to the supervisor and operator dashboards and data collection forms.
Within a portal, use the button at the top left of the window to show/hide the navigation labels.

These images are from the Engineering portal, but other portals are similar.