Get detailed guidance on setting up and using Real-Time SPCTM.

Use the Setup Checklist to complete basic tasks or browse to sections of interest. If the Help navigation is not visible, select the Help menu button above .

You can also download a PDF of the Getting Started with Real-Time SPCTM guide from Documentation.

Interface, Access, and Permissions

Includes information about the Real-Time SPC user interface. Learn to set hierarchy groups, create notifications, access various permission settings, and update data archiving configurations.

Data Imports and Exports

Includes information about bringing data into Minitab Connect®, editing observations, and exporting data to other applications, such as Minitab® Statistical Software.

Component Setup

Includes information about creating products, processes, and stations in Components . After you have created the required products, processes, and stations, you can specify process targets, specification limits, data collection plans, and appropriate control charts and their settings.

Use Automated Component Setup to import products, processes, and stations into Real-Time SPC.

Quality Analyses

Includes information about the default preferences for analyses.

Reports and Dashboards

Includes information about the Real-Time SPC reports and dashboards that monitor your processes and communicate process performance. Your access to various reports and dashboards depends on your role in the organization.