Quality tool preferences

Users with engineer privileges can specify default preferences for Pareto chart settings and defect severity levels.

Select Analysis Preferences in the Engineering portal, then navigate to quality tool settings.

Pareto Charts

Specify the percentage at which you want to create a category to represent the remaining defects.
  • Combine remaining categories into summary category at this percentage: Generates bars for defect categories until the cumulative percentage surpasses the percentage that you specify, then, groups the remaining defects into a category labeled "Other".
  • Display all categories: Generates bars for all the defect categories.

Defect Severity Levels

Use severity levels to indicate the impact of each defect type. By default, all charts and reports plot severity levels separately to allow prioritization of the most critical defects. You must have at least one defect severity level.

Severity levels are used across the platform and should not be changed or deleted after setup.

  1. Select Add Severity Level.
  2. Enter a name for the new severity level.
  3. Select OK.