Use hierarchy groups in Real-Time SPC to organize the system elements for your company. For instance, you can organize dashboards by division, region, or other groups. You can place products, processes, and stations at any level.

Hierarchy Groups are available through the Administration portal.

You must have at least one group, Level 1. Level 2 groups are within Level 1. Level 3 groups are within Level 2, and so on. To add a group, choose Add Group and enter the group name and a description.

You must commit hierarchy groups before you can add products, processes, and stations. Because these groups are used throughout the platform, groups that are committed can only be changed with help from the Minitab Customer Success team.

Example of Hierarchy Groups

Because the Flavorful Fruit Company is a large global company, they decide to use five hierarchy group levels to track their manufacturing processes across the company.

Depending on your organization, your hierarchy group structure may be different.

Level Group Name Description
1 Company This example has a single company called the Flavorful Fruit Company. You can have more than one company.
2 Division The Flavorful Fruit Company has several divisions within the company, such as the Fruit Spread Division.
3 Region The Fruit Spread Division has several regions within the division, such as the North American Region.
4 Site The North American Region has several sites within the region, such as the Marion Site.
5 Department The Marion Site has several departments within the site, such as the Quality Engineering Department.