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Flexnet error -96-491-0

FLEXnet error −96−491−0 is commonly caused by a network issue between the client computer and the Minitab License Manager computer. The client computers communicate with the license manager through the following two network ports:
  • The first port is used by the Minitab License Manager, lmgrd.exe. By default, this port is 27000. If the 27000 port is unavailable, the license manager uses the next available port between 27000 and 27009.
  • The second port is used by the vendor daemon, minitab.exe, and is dynamically chosen each time the Minitab License Manager service is started.

If a firewall exists between the Minitab License Manager and the client computers, set both of these ports statically. Information about how to set the license manager port number and vendor daemon port number is available.

Also, if multiple license managers are running on the same server, there may be a port number conflict causing error −96 to appear.