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Can one server host multiple license managers?

One server can host multiple Flex-based license managers, but a port conflict may occur when more than one license manager is present. Each license manager should automatically use the first available port number between 27000 and 27009. However, a license manager occasionally will try to use port 27000, even when it is already in use.

This issue may present itself when installing the Minitab License Manager for the first time or when replacing your renewed license file on the server. While Flexnet error −97 is the most common error reported for this situation, other Flexnet error numbers can also appear.

To fix a port conflict, set the port number in the license file and restart the license manager:
  1. Open minitab.lic with Notepad.
  2. After the MAC address on the SERVER line, type a space and then the port number you want to use. For example, set the port to 27003:
    SERVER this_host 00118C202559 27003
  3. Save and close minitab.lic.
  4. Restart the Minitab License Manager. Type services.msc in the search box and press Enter.
  5. Right-click the Minitab License Manager and select Restart.

If you specified a different port number during installation, you need to either redeploy the software or provide the end user with the new port number. The software will prompt for the port number and license server name if the information does not match.


If a firewall is turned on, you must allow access on the port specified in the license file.