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How can I set the vendor daemon (minitab.exe) to use a static port number?

The port for the Minitab vendor daemon is assigned dynamically. If you want to set a static port number for the vendor daemon, you must assign an open port number to the VENDOR line of the license file. We recommend that you make a backup of your license file before editing it.

  1. In a text editor such as Notepad, navigate to and open the file, minitab.lic.
  2. At the end of the VENDOR line, add a space, and then port=portnumber to specify your port number, for example, port=27011. The word "port" must be lowercase because the license file is case-sensitive.
  3. Save the file.
  4. Ensure that the port is open on any firewalls that may exist.
  5. Restart the Minitab License Manager service.

Example of a license file after assigning port 27011 to vendor daemon

SERVER this_host 00ff3b6cab6b
VENDOR minitab port=27011
INCREMENT Minitab minitab 17 31-dec-2014 1 VENDOR_STRING="limited \
       term, limited users, borrowing enabled" DUP_GROUP=UH \
       ISSUER=Minitab BORROW=26280 NOTICE="Customer ID: 10801 \
       License Coord ID: 13800 RENI696126" SN="RENORD0033720 \
       278528INC" SIGN="0A7F DDB7 A94C 5020 B7F5 ACF4 F65E F4FE 69A4 \
       F176 A911 3E4A CCF3 2821 4CEF 06DD A436 CBED 1487 477E 50B5 \
       A211 C356 8356 5FBF E84C FE58 5F99 0594 EB6B"

For information on setting the network port number for the Minitab License Manager (lmgrd.exe), go to Topic ID 2177.

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