The Engage desktop app provides all the tools you need to develop, organize, and execute your projects.

When you use the desktop app, everything related to your project is saved in a single project file. The project file is where you develop and maintain the project Roadmap. The Roadmap organizes your project into phases. As you go through each phase, you add and complete the tools, forms, documents, and analyses you use to execute your project.

You use tools and forms to collect data about your project. For example, you can use a mapping tool to map the process that is failing, a brainstorming tool to capture possible reasons why the process is failing, and forms to analyze and document the steps you are taking to improve the process.

The desktop app provides the following tools:
  • Process maps
  • Value stream maps
  • Forms and analysis capture tools
  • Brainstorming tools
  • Monte Carlo simulation tool

The following image is an example of a process map.

The desktop app includes the following components:

1: Menu
The menu displays commands. When you click the Insert menu, as shown in the image, you can add phases, folders, documents, forms, and tools to your Roadmap. When you open a tool, such as a map or a form, you can access its tool-specific menu.
2: Submit/Review button
The button you click to submit an idea or to submit a project for a phase review. If you are a member of a steering committee or a review board, the button you click to approve or reject the idea or project.
3: Management section
The set of forms in a project template that contains important project data. The management section ensures consistent project definition and tracking. In the desktop app only, anyone can edit the management section. In the web app, only data architects can add, delete, and reorder forms in the management section. If you are a data architect, go to Update management forms.
4: Roadmap
The area where you open phases, folders, documents, forms, and tools to help you organize and execute your project.
5: Workspace
The area where you view and enter data in forms and work with tools.
6: Task pane (maps and brainstorming tools only)
In a process map or a value stream map, the area where you can enter shape data. In a brainstorming tool, the area where you can brainstorm a list or import X and Y variables.
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