A project is a file you create in the desktop app. It contains all the forms, tools, data, and related documents that are generated during an improvement project.

Watch this video to learn more:

You use tools and forms to collect data about your project. For example, you can use a mapping tool to map the process that is failing, a brainstorming tool to capture possible reasons why the process is failing, and forms to analyze and document the steps you are taking to improve the process.

You edit projects in the desktop app and save them to the project repository. With all the projects in a common location, Companion summarizes project data and displays it in dashboard reports.

When workflow is on, open the desktop app and do either of the following:
  • To start a project that will be part of the workflow review and approval process, choose File > New > New Idea > Create Idea.
  • To start a project that is not part of the of the workflow process, choose File > New > New Non-Workflow Project, then choose a template.

When workflow is off, open desktop app and start a project by choosing File > New, then choose a project template.


The desktop app only users can save their projects to multiple locations, including their hard drive, a network location, or SharePoint.

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