What's New in Qeystone 1.8.0

Qeystone 1.8.0, released October 23, 2014, includes feature and performance enhancements that let users get more from their data. Building on the new and improved trend summaries released in Qeystone 1.7.0, this new version includes snapshot summaries so that you can aggregate and visualize data for a specific period of time. The new functionality has been added to the Qeystone.com Dashboard and does not require an update to be made to Qeystone Tools.

Snapshot summaries

Snapshots are different from trends because they aggregate data in Qeystone in to a single period of time, for example, year-to-date, without the monthly or quarterly increments of a trend summary.
The new snapshot summaries have all the features of trend summaries, including:
  • Grouping variables
  • Row and column totals
  • Number scaling

For a more in-depth look at the differences between a Snapshot and Trend, see STEP 2 Time: Selecting a time period.

Examples of snapshot summaries

A: Single-number
Summarizes one variable as a single value and uses new formatting for emphasis.
B: One-dimensional table
Summarizes one or more variables using a grouping variable. Horizontal bar charts are tightly integrated with the table rows for a more efficient display.
C: Two-dimensional table
Summarizes a variable using up to two grouping variables.

Number of Projects

Number of Projects is a new variable that lets you quickly and easily count the projects in Qeystone. Use this new variable with grouping variables to count projects that have certain characteristics, such as project type, business unit, and so on. Additionally, time-based counts are available for date-based "events". For example, you can now create a snapshot summary that counts the number of projects that were started, completed, or approved, within a specific period of time.

Zero-downtime deployments

A technology upgrade allows Minitab to update Qeystone subscriptions without taking the system offline. Now, customers can have the latest software as soon as it is released.

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