Start a form

  1. In Qeystone Tools, right-click a phase in the Roadmap and choose New > Form.
  2. (Optional) If available, select a category from Categories to filter the list of templates.
  3. Choose a template and then click OK.
  4. Enter data in the form.

    To move between cells or between fields, press Tab, Enter, the Up Arrow key, or the Down Arrow key. To clear all of the data, choose Actions > Reset Form.

Add rows and columns to a table

  • To add a row, put the cursor on a row, click the blue arrow , and then choose Add Row.

    To add a row to the bottom of a data table, put the cursor in the lower right cell of the table, and then press Enter.

  • To add a column, put the cursor on a column, click the blue arrow , and then choose Add Column.

Sort a column

  • Put the cursor on the bottom-right corner of the header in the column.
  • When the sort arrow appears, choose one of the following options:
    • Sort > Ascending
    • Sort > Descending

Use Quick Fill

If you put the cursor in a table cell, and the Quick Fill button appears, you can either choose a value or enter a new one.

  • If the Quick Fill button appears, click it, and then choose a value.
  • If the value that you want is not in the Quick Fill list, type it in the cell.

Merge cells that contain identical content

If your table supports column grouping, you can merge cells that contain identical content. To merge cells, right-click the column, and then choose Apply Column Grouping. This setting applies to all data tables on the form.

Unmerged content
Merged content

Copy data from Microsoft Excel

To save time, you can copy data from Excel to a table in a Qeystone form.

  1. In Microsoft Excel, select the cells you want to copy and paste. Choose Edit > Copy.
  2. In Qeystone Tools, add a row to the data table if necessary. Click the cell of the data table to indicate where the data should be pasted.
  3. Choose Edit > Paste cells.
    The data will populate the cells of the data table, automatically adding new rows for each row of data copied into the Clipboard.

Create a ballot from a data table

If you want team members to vote on choices in a form, you can create a ballot from a data table in your form. Then, when voting is done, you can update the data table with the results of the vote.

  1. Right-click the data table and choose Create Ballot from Table.
  2. Complete the dialog box and then click OK.
    Qeystone Tools inserts a ballot into the Roadmap and displays the Ballot Setup page in the workspace.
  3. Ask each team member to cast a vote.
    After all voters have voted, the Overall Results Table appears.
  4. Click Update Form.
    Qeystone Tools inserts the overall voting results for each rated criterion into the data table on the form.
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