Share your project

Every project has an owner. The project owner can share their project so that other users can view it or edit it.

Administrators can edit sharing settings for any project. However, an administrator can edit sharing settings for more than one project at the same time, only if all the projects have the same owner.

  1. In the repository, select one or more projects that you own.
  2. Hold the mouse pointer on the project row, click the Manage button when it appears, and then choose Share.
    The Sharing Settings dialog box appears.
    A: Include in the Dashboard
    A sharing setting that determines whether or not the project contributes to the Dashboard calculations. Choose one of the following options:
    • Select the setting to include project data in the Dashboard calculations. When you include a project, all users can open and view the project from the Dashboard column sets or from the project repository.
    • Keep the setting unselected to exclude project data from the Dashboard calculations. By default, any new project you create is excluded. Only the project owner, administrators, and any named users can access an excluded project. Therefore, you might exclude a project that does not contribute to the continuous improvement initiative, such as a standalone process map.
    B: All Qeystone Users
    A user group that includes any user who has a Qeystone account. This group cannot be deleted. By default, when a project is excluded, this user group is set to Restricted, which indicates that access to the project is restricted to only the project owner and any named users.
    C: "Named user"
    A user who is explicitly listed in the Sharing Settings dialog box. Named users can access the project through the Shared with Me filters in the project repository.
    D: "Sharing level"
    The level of access a user or All Qeystone Users have to a specific project. Choose one of the following options:
    • Can View allows users to view and open the project in read-only mode.
    • Can Edit allows users to view and open the project in edit mode.

    The sharing level of a named user takes precedence over the sharing level of All Qeystone Users. For example, if a named user has Can View access and All Qeystone Users have Can Edit access, then everyone can edit and save the project, but the named user can only open and view the project.

After you share a project, alert users that the project is shared with them. See Send an email link to a project.

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