About project templates

A project template defines the phases of the project, the tool templates and form templates to use in each phase, custom data fields, and settings. Planning is essential when creating a project template.

What does a project template include?

A project template can include the following components:
  • Phases, such as Identify, Evaluate, Implement, and Monitor
  • Tool templates and form templates to use in a phase
  • Custom data fields associated with the project
  • Settings, such as automatic save and the display options for the Project Manager
  • Properties, such as categories and key people

Questions to consider before creating a project template

Before you create a project template, consider the following questions:

What phases do I need in this project template?

For example, you can create a project with four phases: Identify, Evaluate, Implement, and Monitor.

What data do I want to track in this project template?

Qeystone provides a set of data categories and fields that you can use to record key data about your project and display the data in the Dashboard. If this data does not meet all your organizational tracking needs, you can create your own custom data categories and data fields. For more information, see Create custom data.

What tools do I need for this project template?

Qeystone Tools provides several tool templates, such as process maps and fishbone diagrams. You can also create a custom tool template by modifying a standard tool template. For more information, see Customize a tool template.

What forms do I need for this project template?

Qeystone Tools provides many form templates, such as project charters and FMEAs, to collect and record the data that will roll up to the Dashboard. You can modify an existing form template or create a new form template. For more information, see Create an effective form template.

What areas of the Project Manager do I want to show for this project template?

You can configure the Project Manager to display only the areas that you choose. For example, you can hide the Financial Data tab or the Y Metrics area of the Project Manager.

What default data values can I enter to pre-populate the project template?

You can enter values that apply to all projects that are based on this template. For example, you can enter values for division, location, or process owner. When a user opens the project template, these values are already there.

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