Specify the design options for Create Response Surface Design (Box-Behnken)

Stat > DOE > Response Surface > Create Response Surface Design > Options

Randomize runs

Select whether Minitab randomizes the run order within each block or leaves the design in standard order. Randomization reduces the chances of confounding between the effects of factors in your study with the effects of factors that are not in the study, particularly effects that are time-dependent.

Base for random data generator
Specify a base for the random data generator so that you can obtain the same order when you create another design. When you enter the same base, the run order is the same.

After the design is in the worksheet, you can change how you view the design and re-randomize the design. To view a design in standard order or random order, use Display Response Surface Design. To randomize or re-randomize a design, use Modify Design. For more information, go to Overview for Display Design and Modify Design.

Store design in worksheet

To see the number of runs and the other properties of a design without storing the design in a worksheet, deselect Store design in worksheet.

Deselecting this option is useful when you want to see the properties of various designs before selecting the one design you want to store. If you want to analyze a design, you must store it in the worksheet.