Overview for Display Design and Modify Design

After creating a design and storing it in a worksheet, you can use Display Design and Modify Design.

Display Design

Use Display Design to change how the design is displayed in the worksheet.
  • You can display the points in either run or standard order. By default, Minitab displays the order of the experimental runs in random order. Standard order (Yates' order) is the order of the runs organized by changes in factor settings.
  • You can display the factor levels in coded or uncoded form.

Modify Design

Use Modify Design to change the design in the worksheet, while making sure that the design stays in a format that Minitab can analyze.

For factorial designs, you can make the following modifications:
  • Modify factors: Change the names of factors and the values of the factor levels.
  • Replicate design: Add replicates of the design in the worksheet.
  • Randomize design: Randomize or rerandomize a design.
  • Renumber design: Renumber a design so that the run order column matches the worksheet order.
  • Fold design: Fold a design to increase the resolution of the design.

    You cannot fold general full factorial designs.

  • Add axial points: Add axial points to a design to model curvature in the response.

    You cannot add axial points to 2-level split-plot designs or general full factorial designs. To add axial points to 2-level factorial designs or Plackett-Burman designs, all the factors in the design must be numeric.

If you have a definitive screening, response surface, or mixtures design, the modifications are similar, but do not include folding the design or adding axial points.

Where to find this analysis

  • Stat > DOE > Display Design
  • Stat > DOE > Modify Design

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