Enter your data for General MANOVA

Stat > ANOVA > General MANOVA

Complete the following steps to specify the columns of data that you want to analyze.

  1. In Responses, enter the columns that contain the numeric variables that you want to explain. MANOVA is designed to test multiple response variables simultaneously.
  2. In Model, enter the variables that may explain or predict changes in the responses. The model can include categorical factors and covariates. The factors and covariates can be crossed or nested. Covariates must be entered in the Covariates sub-dialog box and only need to be entered here if they are crossed or nested with other terms. The factors must be fixed but it is possible to work around this restriction by specifying the error term to test model terms in the Results sub-dialog box. For more information on specifying the model, go to Specifying the model terms in balanced ANOVA and general MANOVA.
In this worksheet, Usability and Quality are the responses and represent measurements of the usability and quality of car door locks. Method and Plant are the categorical variables in the model and may explain differences in the measurements.
C1 - T C2 - T C3 C4
Method Plant Usability Quality
Method 1 Plant A 6 5
Method 2 Plant B 5 4
Method 1 Plant A 6 5
Method 2 Plant B 6 5