Specify the results to display for General MANOVA

Stat > ANOVA > General MANOVA > Results
Display of Results
Matrices (hypothesis, error, partial correlations)
Display the hypothesis matrix, H, the error matrix, E, and a matrix of partial correlations.
Eigen analysis
Display the eigenvalues and the eigenvalues for the matrix E**–1H.
Univariate analysis of variance
Perform a univariate analysis of variance for each response variable.
Display least squares means corresponding to the terms
Enter the terms for which to display a table of means. For example, if you specify A B D A*B*D, four tables of means will be displayed, one for each main effect, A, B, D, and one for the three-way interaction, A*B*D.
Custom multivariate tests for the following terms
Enter terms for which to perform four multivariate tests. By default, the tests are performed for all model terms. For more information, go to Specifying custom tests for terms in MANOVA.
Enter an error term for the four multivariate tests. It must be a single term that is in the model. If you do not specify an error term, Minitab uses the error associated with mean squares error, as in the univariate case.