Store statistics for Analyze Mixture Design

Stat > DOE > Mixture > Analyze Mixture Design > Storage

You can save statistics from your analysis to the worksheet so that you can use them in other analyses, graphs, and macros. Minitab stores the selected statistics after the last column of data. The names of the storage columns end with a number that increases as you store the same statistic multiple times.

For more details on any of these statistics, go to All statistics and graphs.

Minitab stores the fitted values in the column FITS.
Minitab stores the residuals in the column RESI.
Standardized residuals
Minitab stores the standardized residuals in the column SRES.
Deleted residuals
Minitab stores the deleted residuals in the column TRES.
Minitab stores the coefficients in the column COEF.
Design matrix
Minitab stores the design matrix in a matrix called XMAT. To view the matrix, choose Data > Display Data. To copy the matrix to the worksheet, choose Data > Copy > Matrix to Columns.
Model terms
Minitab stores the terms that were included in the fitted model in the column MODEL.
Hi (leverage)
Minitab stores the leverages in the column HI.
Cook’s distance
Minitab stores the Cook's distance in the column COOK.
Minitab stores the DFITS in the column DFIT.
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