Example of creating a data view

You can create several views from each table. These views can be used throughout the platform for ease of data reporting and analysis.

Follow these general steps to create a custom view.

To see the step-by-step example of a custom view with a data prep, go to Create a summary view of your data.

  1. Open the Prep Tool . If you just imported data, you may need to select run to see the data. This example uses the data set in the Minitab Data Set Library, Online Downloads Data.
  2. On the Fields tab, select Remove All Fields to start with an empty field list. Depending on the number of columns, it may be easier to add or remove fields.
  3. Under Add a Field, select the fields to add to the view. For this example, add Customer ID, Age, Marital Status, Education, and Income. You can start to type the name of a field to find it faster.
  4. Select Save .
  5. Under View, select New View. Under Name, enter Customer Demographics to identify the new view.
  6. Select Save.

You now have a saved view called Customer Demographics that you can use throughout the Minitab Connect platform to view the summary data.

All saved views are listed under the Saves tab. Also, you can open the Audit Tool to see a list of all the views for the active table.