Inputs tab for the Flow Tool

The Inputs tab displays the different ways you can import data into Minitab Connect. You can import data through a connection, form, or auto import.

Displays the connections that exist for the table. A connection is set up when you import data from another application into Minitab Connect. If there are no connections, Minitab Connect does not display the connection heading. Use the Base Tool to add a new connection. For more information, go to Overview of the Base Tool.

When you set up a new connection, Minitab Connect automatically creates a Connection refresh flow. You can use this flow to add automatic data processes, or change the connection from a manual connection to a scheduled event.

Displays the forms that exist for the table. A form allows you to enter data easily into a table. Select the plus button to add a new form. For more information on how to set up a form, go to Using the Form Tool.
Auto Import
Displays the auto imports that exist. Auto imports look for a specific file in an FTP server, SFTP server, or an email address every 10 minutes, and pull data from that file into a table.
Raw to Clean Mapping
A raw to clean mapping finds a raw value in the data and replaces it with a clean value. This process runs before Minitab Connect imports the data into the table, and does not affect any records that you already stored in a table.