The Minitab Connect interface

Use the buttons on the Minitab Connect header to access the Navigation Pane, Home, Customer Menu, User Menu, Window Switcher, and Notifications.

Select the Home button to access the main toolbar.


Select the Home button to open the Home screen. The Home screen provides easy access to your recently viewed items and an easy way to create a new table or dashboard.

Under Recent Tables, Minitab Connect displays a list of your recently viewed tables. Select the table name to open the table in the Prep Tool. Or, select one of the tool buttons to the right of the table name to open the table in a different tool. For example, select the Audit button to open a table in the Audit Tool.

Under Recent Dashboards, Minitab Connect displays a list of your recently viewed dashboards. Select the dashboard name to open.

Customer Menu

Select the Customer Menu button to open the customer menu. The menu contains information for the customer account. The settings that display depend on your user access level. Most of the settings are available only to the administrators.

The customer menu button is customized for your company.

Customer Information
Shows the keys and passwords for the customer account. From here, an administrator can update the company logo, change database passwords, and specify password requirements.
System Notification
Shows the system notification message. An administrator can send a message to all users.
Performance Log
Shows the system utilization metrics, such as disk, CPU, and memory usage and other important metrics to indicate the system performance.
Jobs Status (All)
Shows the job status for all the jobs for the customer.
Shows the platform calendar for all the scheduled flows for the customer.
User Status
Shows a user log with the user group and access type for each user in your customer account.
Database Status
Shows any SQL processes that are currently running.
Database SQL Editor
Opens the database SQL editor.
Shows all the tables for your customer base. Select the table name to open the table in the Audit Tool. Once the table is open, you can select one of the tool buttons to open the other tools.

User Menu

Select the User Menu button to open the user menu. The menu contains settings that are specific to your user account.
Account Settings
Specify your user name, email, and phone number.

You can also change your password, change your default time zone, and generate an API token.

For more information, go to Change your password and Generate an API token.

Notification Settings
Shows your notification subscriptions.

For more information, go to Receive an email or text message when a table changes.

Jobs Status (Mine)
Shows the job status for all your jobs.
Opens a support request form. Describe your issue and send it to a customer support representative.
Opens the Minitab Connect Help system.
Refresh Screen
Opens the Window Switcher.
Lock Screen
Locks your session while you are away. Enter your password to resume your session.
Sign Out
Signs out of your session. You must enter your credentials to sign in again.

Window Switcher

Select the Window Switcher button to open the Window Switcher. From here, you can quickly access the Home screen and other open forms, tables, dashboards, collections, and system settings.

Each open item displays in a separate window. You can use the Split Viewer to view two open windows at the same time. To see an example, go to Display two tables in a split view.

Select the in the top right of each item to close each item individually; or select Close All to close all windows and the Window Switcher.

Notifications and Issues

Select the Notifications and Issues button to open the notification window which displays all the recent notifications until you clear them. The left side displays standard notifications, while the right side displays errors. You can select a particular notification to open the corresponding table.