Allocate the gap pools for 分配间隙空余

六西格玛 > 可制造性设计 > 分配间隙空余

After you use 计算间隙空余, you need to allocate the gap pools.

  1. 在工作表中,输入其中包含间隙空余的分配权重的一列或多列。 The weights must be between 0 and 1, and must sum to 1.

    If you enter only a lower specification for the gap, which is the default analysis, then Minitab calculates a mean pool. If you enter both upper and lower specifications for the gap, then Minitab calculates a variance pool. 若要查看示例,请转到 在“六西格玛模块”帮助中使用的数据集

  2. Choose 六西格玛 > 可制造性设计 > 分配间隙空余.
  3. 执行以下操作之一:
    • In 间隙空余均值的分配权重, enter the column that contains the gap mean allocation weights.
    • In 间隙空余方差的分配权重, enter the column that contains the gap variance allocation weights.
  4. 要存储调整后的手段,请选择 存储调整的均值。要存储调整后的标准偏差,请选择 存储调整的标准差
  5. 单击确定
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