The Station Dashboard is available through the Operations portal. This dashboard displays the station status, quality charts, and sampling plans.
The Station Dashboard has the following main areas.
1: Station settings
The station settings are in a pane that can be expanded to change settings and collapsed to view the control charts more easily.

The station is online.

The station is offline.

When the station is on, you can do the following.
Select which product and process to monitor. Many products and processes can use the same station, and each combination has its own sampling plans and control charts.
Select whether the online station is Running, Idle, or Shutdown.
Sampling Plans
Lists the sampling plans for the current product, process, and station.

For on-demand and scheduled collections, select Start to open the data collection form. Open the Settings to skip the next collection.

2: Chart and date selector
Toggle between the control charts and Pareto charts for each measure of the station.
Specify the start time for this dashboard. Generally, this view is for the last 4 hours of data, but can show up to 60 days of data.
3: Pause or resume data collection
Select Pause Data to pause the station data at any time. Select Resume Data to continue collecting data at this station.
Open the Settings to the change the control chart display options.
4: Chart data
Displays the control charts or Pareto charts for each measure. Also indicates the percentage of plotted points that are out-of-specification, out-of-action, or out-of-control.

You can access and edit the data from this view. For more information, go to Edit observations.

For more information on these calculations, go to Current Performance Summary.