Select the statistics to display for Chi-Square Test for Association

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Chi-square test
Perform the chi-square tests for association. Minitab displays the Pearson chi-square statistic and likelihood ratio chi-square statistic, and the related p-values for each test.
Display counts in each cell
Display the observed count for each combination of row and column variables.
Display marginal counts
Display the total of the observed counts for each row and column of the table.
Statistics to display in each cell
Expected cell counts
Display the expected count for each cell.

The expected count is the frequency that would be expected in a cell, on average, if the variables are independent. Minitab calculates the expected counts as the product of the row and column totals, divided by the total number of observations.

Raw residuals
Display the difference between the observed count and the expected count for each cell.
Standardized residuals
Display the standardized residuals for each cell. Standardized residuals are the raw residuals, divided by the square root of the expected counts.
Adjusted residuals
Display the adjusted residuals for each cell. Adjusted residuals are the raw residuals divided by an estimate of the standard error. Use adjusted residuals to account for the variation due to the sample size.
Each cell’s contribution to chi-square
Display the contribution to the Pearson chi-square statistic for each cell. The contribution to the chi-square statistic is the standardized residual squared for each cell.