Enter your data for Friedman Test

Stat > Nonparametrics > Friedman

Complete the following steps to specify the columns of data that you want to analyze.

  1. In Response, enter the column that contains the continuous or ordinal data.
  2. In Treatment, enter the column that contains the treatment groups. The effect of the treatment groups is the primary interest in this design.
  3. In Blocks, enter the column that contains the categorical block variable. Blocks are a group of experimental runs that are conducted under consistent conditions. When you account for the effects of the block variable, you can assess the treatment effect more precisely.
In this worksheet, Enzyme is the response and contains measurements of the enzyme activity. Drug is the treatment variable that is the study's primary interest. Litter is the blocking variable that accounts for the genetic differences between litters. The litter blocking variable provides more precise assessments of the drug treatment effects.
C1 C2 C3
Enzyme Drug Litter
12.3 A 1
13.4 B 2
11.1 C 3
12.4 A 4
9.8 B 1
11.3 C 2