Select the results to display for Equivalence Test for a 2x2 Crossover Design

Stat > Equivalence Tests > 2x2 Crossover Design > Results

Display the method information, including the treatment order for each sequence.

Descriptive statistics

Display descriptive statistics for each sample, including the number of observations, the mean, and the standard deviation.

Display the analyses for the carryover, treatment, and period effects.
Display the ratio information, including the ratio of the means, the confidence interval, the equivalence interval, and the decision about whether you can claim equivalence. If you choose to compare the ratio by taking the log transformation of the original data, Minitab also displays the difference between the means after log transformation.

This option is available only if you choose a hypothesis about the ratio of the means.


Display the results of the test, including the hypotheses, the p-value for the test of each hypothesis, and the decision about whether you can claim equivalence.