Enter your data for Correlation

Stat > Basic Statistics > Correlation

In Variables, enter two or more columns of numeric data to analyze. This tool calculates the correlation coefficient for each pair of variables. If you enter more than 20 columns, Minitab software will not provide a matrix plot.

In this worksheet, Budget contains the dollars (in thousands of dollars) spent on advertising for each product. Leads are the number of prospective customers identified for each product. The budget and number of leads may be associated with Sales, which contains annual product sales (in millions of dollars).
C1 C2 C3
Budget Leads Sales
500 67 39.4
760 43 25.3
320 20 30
1000 45 22

This analysis omits rows that contain a missing value from the calculation for each pair of columns. If you calculate the correlations for more than two columns, then each correlation may include different observations, depending on which rows contain missing values.