Specifying the model terms in PLS

In the Model text box, enter the predictor variables you want to include the in the model. The model can include continuous and categorical predictors. You can also include interaction and polynomial terms. However, nested terms are not allowed in the model.

To specify the model terms, use the following rules:
  • Use * to specify an interaction or polynomial term. For example, A*B is the interaction of predictors A and B. A*A is A 2 and A*A*A is A3 .
  • Use | or ! to indicate that you want to include all predictors and their interaction terms in the model. For example, A | B | C will include A, B, C, A*B, A*C, B*C, A*B*C in the model.
  • Use – to remove terms from the model. For example, A | B | C – A*B*C includes all predictors and their interactions except for A*B*C.