What is aggregate data?

Aggregate data is essentially summarized data. Minitab can analyze aggregate data for generalized linear models. In generalized linear models, these columns summarize the number of occurrences of combinations of response and predictors.

For example, you can do a binary logistic regression analysis of this data. The number of occurrences of each combination of response and predictors is in the frequency column. The first row shows that the combination of High Setting, Fast Speed, and Strength of 140 occurred three times in this data set.

C1 - T C2 - T C3 C4
Setting Speed Strength Frequency
High Fast 140 3
Low Fast 134 2
High Slow 141 2
High Slow 142 1
Low Slow 139 1
Low Fast 138 3
Low Fast 133 2
High Fast 144 3
... ... ... ...