Overview for Predict for Stability Study

Use Predict for Stability Study when you have a stability study model and want to predict the mean response at a specified time. If batch is included in the final model, you can also predict responses for specific batches. Using this analysis, you can do the following:
  • Create a confidence interval for the mean response.
  • Create a prediction interval for a single observation.
  • Store the prediction information in the worksheet.

For example, a quality engineer performs a stability study and determines that the shelf life of a new medication is 42.4 months. For this analysis, the shelf life is the time when the 95% confidence limit for the mean response crosses the lower specification limit. The engineer wants to predict the mean concentration for the best batch and the worst batch at 42.4 months.

Where to find this analysis

To predict observations for stability study, choose Stat > Regression > Stability Study > Predict.