Select the graphs to display for Orthogonal Regression

Stat > Regression > Orthogonal Regression > Graphs
Plot of fitted line with data
Display a fitted line plot with the orthogonal fitted line.
Overlay least squares fitted line
Display the ordinary least squares fitted line on the plot for comparison. The ordinary least squares fit equation is shown on the plot.
Residuals for Plots
Specify the type of residuals to display on the residual plots. For more information, go to Which types of residuals are included in Minitab?.
  • Regular: Plot the regular raw residuals.
  • Standardized: Plot the standardized residuals.
Residuals Plots
Use residual plots to examine whether your model meets the assumptions of the analysis. For more information, go to Residual plots in Minitab.
  • Individual plots: Select the residual plots that you want to display.
    Histogram of residuals
    Display a histogram of the residuals.
    Normal plot of residuals
    Display a normal probability plot of the residuals.
    Residuals versus x fits
    Display the residuals versus the fitted values for the x variable.
    Residuals versus order
    Display the residuals versus the order of the data. The row number for each data point is shown on the x-axis.
  • Four in one: Display all four residual plots together in one graph.
Residuals versus the variables
Enter one or more variables to plot versus the residuals. You can plot the following types of variables:
  • Variables that are already in the current model, to look for curvature in the residuals.
  • Important variables that are not in the current model, to determine whether they are related to the response.