Select the analysis options for Orthogonal Regression

Stat > Regression > Orthogonal Regression > Options
Confidence level

Enter the level of confidence for the confidence intervals for the coefficients.

Usually, a confidence level of 95% works well. A 95% confidence level indicates that if you took 100 random samples from the population, the confidence intervals for approximately 95 of the samples would contain the true value of the coefficient. For a given set of data, a lower confidence level produces a narrower interval, and a higher confidence level produces a wider interval.

Predict Y by entering new observations of X
Enter the numeric predictor value, enter a column of predictors, or enter a constant that contains the predictor. The data type of the predictor must be the same as the data type as the predictor in the model.
Predicted values
Store the predicted values in a column of the worksheet.
Standard deviations of the predicted values
Store the standard deviations of the predicted value in a column in the worksheet.