Enter your data for Orthogonal Regression

Stat > Regression > Orthogonal Regression

Complete the following steps to specify the two columns of data that you want to analyze.

  1. In Response (Y), enter the first column of numeric data that you want to compare. The response is also called the Y variable.
  2. In Predictor (X), enter the second column of numeric data that you want to compare to the response. The predictor is also called the X variable.
  3. In Error variance ratio (Y/X), enter the ratio of the measurement error variances in the response (Y) and the predictor (X). One way to obtain estimates of the error variances is to perform separate gage R&R studies for X and Y.
In this worksheet, New (Y) is the response and contains blood pressure measurements from a random sample of people using a new blood pressure monitor. Current (X) is the predictor and contains the blood pressure measurements from the same sample using the current monitor.
C1 C2
New (Y) Current (X)
100 101
122 125
129 132
90 95