Select the results to display for Nonlinear Regression

Stat > Regression > Nonlinear Regression > Results
Display information about the algorithm, the maximum number of iterations, and the convergence tolerance.
Starting values
Display the starting values of the parameters.
Display the constraints placed on the parameter estimates.
Information for each iteration
Display information for each iteration, including the parameter estimates and the sum of the squared residuals (SSE).
Regression equation
Display the regression equation.
Parameter table
Display the parameter estimates and the standard errors.
Display confidence intervals
Display a confidence interval for each parameter. For some data sets, expectation functions, and confidence levels, one or both confidence bounds may not exist. Minitab indicates missing results with an asterisk.
Correlation matrix for the parameter estimates
Display the correlation matrix for the parameter estimates.
Summary of fit
Display the statistics that evaluate the model fit, including a lack-of-fit test, a summary of the fit, the number of iterations, the final SSE, the degrees of freedom for error, the mean square error (MSE), and S.
Prediction tables
Display the fitted values, the confidence intervals, and the prediction intervals for the new observations specified in the Prediction dialog box.