Store statistics for Random Forests® Classification

Predictive Analytics Module > Random Forests® Classification > Storage

This command is available with the Predictive Analytics Module. Click here for more information about how to activate the module.

You can save statistics from your analysis to the worksheet so that you can use them in other analyses, graphs, and macros. Minitab stores the selected statistics after the last column of data. The names of the storage columns end with a number that increases as you store the same statistic multiple times.

For more details on any of these statistics, go to All statistics and graphs.

Model object for prediction
Stores the model object for use with prediction. You cannot predict from the model unless you store the model object.
Predicted probability of each response level
For a binary response, Minitab stores the predicted event probability in the column PEvent and the predicted nonevent probability in the column PNonEvent.
For a multinomial response, Minitab stores the predicted probability for each level in the column PClass.
Predicted response level
Minitab stores the predicted class in the column Class.
Minitab stores the odds values in the column Odds. This option is available only for a binary response.