Define Custom General Full Factorial Design

Stat > DOE > Factorial > Define Custom Factorial Design

Complete the following steps to specify which columns are the factors in the design.

  1. In Factors, enter at least 2 columns of data that contain the factor settings for each experimental run.
  2. Select General full factorial.

In this worksheet, Time, Temperature, and Catalyst are text factors. The factors are the only columns that Minitab requires to define a design.

The columns Blocks, Standard Order, Run Order, and Point Type contain optional information that you can specify if the information is in the worksheet.

C1 C2 C3 C4 C5 C6 C7
Time Temperature Catalyst Blocks Standard Order Run Order Point Type
Full Hot A 1 4 1 1
Half Hot A 1 3 2 1
Full Hot B 1 8 3 1
Half Cold B 1 6 4 1
Full Cold A 1 1 5 1