Specify the results to display for Create 2-Level Split-Plot Design

Stat > DOE > Factorial > Create Factorial Design > Results

Printed Results

None suppresses all of the output.
Summary table
The summary table displays the properties of the design, such as the number of factors and the number of experimental runs. The summary table also includes the design generators.
Design table
The design table shows the factor settings for each experimental run in the design.
Alias table
The alias table shows the alias structure for the design. For example, in a resolution III design you can use the alias table to see which two factor interactions are aliased with each main effect.
Defining relation
The defining relation is the total collection of terms that are held constant to define the fraction in a fractional factorial design.

Content of Alias Table

The default interactions are always the highest order that Minitab shows. In Interactions up through order, you can choose to show only lower-order interactions. For example, for a resolution III design you can select 2 to show only the main effects and 2-factor interactions.