Specify the generators for Create 2-Level Factorial Design (Specify Generators)

Stat > DOE > Factorial > Create Factorial Design > Designs > Generators

Add factors to the base design by listing their generators (e.g. F=ABC)

Specify any additional factors to add to the design. For example, you can add a 9th factor to an 8-factor design as J = ABCDEFGH. Use the following rules to add factors:
  • Enter the added factors in alphabetical order, skipping the letter I which is the Identity element.
  • The total number of factors in the design cannot exceed 15.
  • Use a unique generator for each factor.
  • Each generator is an interaction of factors in the base design.
  • You can use a minus interaction for a generator, for example, D = -AB.

Define blocks by listing their generators (e.g., ABCD)

To block the design, list the block generators. You can use factors from the base design and factors that you add. The number of blocks in the design is 2p, where p is the number of generators. For example, you can add four blocks to a 6 factor design by listing ABCF ABDE. For more information on blocks, go to What is a block?