Store statistics for Test for Equal Variances

Stat > ANOVA > Test for Equal Variances > Storage

You can save statistics from your analysis to the worksheet so that you can use them in other analyses, graphs, and macros. Minitab stores the selected statistics after the last column of data. The names of the storage columns end with a number that increases as you store the same statistic multiple times.

For more details on any of these statistics, go to All statistics and graphs.

Statistics that you can store

Standard deviations
Minitab stores the standard deviations of each group in the column STDEV.
Minitab stores the variances of each group in the column VARIANCES.
Bonferroni confidence intervals for standard deviations
Minitab stores the confidence limits of the standard deviation for each group in the column BONFERRONI.
Multiple comparison intervals
Minitab stores the limits of the multiple comparison intervals for each group in the column MCI. This option is not available if you select Use test based on normal distribution in the Options dialog box.