Data considerations for Predict for Fit Mixed Effects Model

To ensure that your results are valid, consider the following guidelines when you perform the analysis and interpret your results.

First, perform an analysis that fits and stores a model
Predict uses the most recent stored model that you fit for a response. If you did not perform an analysis that automatically stores a model, you do not have a model to use. For more information, go to Stored model overview.
Verify that the model meets the assumptions of the analysis
If the stored model does not meet the assumptions of the original analysis, the predictions might be inaccurate. For more information, click the original analysis below, and then go to the "Data considerations" topic and the "Key results" topic.
Variable settings should be similar to the data that you used to fit the model
If you use variable settings that are not within the range of the data that you used to fit the model, the fitted values can be misleading.